Arjun Ram pal makes history as the first Indian celebrity to raise $1.5 Million USD for CRY America

Mumbai-Arjun Ram pal has always been known for his captivating screen presence and remarkable acting talent. However, beyond the glitz and glamour of the film industry, Arjun has emerged as a passionate advocate for children's rights, championing the cause with unwavering dedication. In 2024, his commitment to making a difference reached new heights as he became the first Indian celebrity to raise an astounding $1.5 million for CRY America, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring every child’s right to a happy, healthy, and educated life.

His involvement in the galas hosted in various parts of America significantly elevated the events, drawing high-net-worth individuals and generous donors who contributed to this remarkable fundraising feat.

Shefali Sunder lal, President of CRY America said, “We are so grateful to Arjun Ram pal for being our Celebrity Guest for our 5 CRY Gala events across the USA in April 2024. His perseverance and charisma played a pivotal role in raising a whopping 1.5 million USD for children's rights. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Arjun for his dedication and outstanding contribution for uplifting our mission for children, especially in our 20th year. Arjun will be remembered as a beloved child rights champion by our donors, volunteers, staff and the thousands of children that will benefit from his unwavering support."

Arjun Ram pal adds, “Thanks to all the supporters of the foundation for past 20 years, CRY America has touched the hearts and lives of nearly 800,000 underprivileged children”!

Arjun's dedication to CRY America under the leadership of Project partner Dr Rolee Singh, mission has made him a beacon of change, inspiring many to join the cause.  His charismatic appeal and unwavering commitment to the cause helped attract a larger audience and higher donations, making a significant impact on the overall success of the galas.

With winning hearts for his performance in his recent release 'Crakk,' Arjun Ram pal's record-breaking fundraising has set a new standard, inspiring many to contribute towards ensuring every child’s right to a healthy, happy, and educated life.

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