Darasing Khurana gives a talk on spirituality amongst world dignitaries including Global Guide Daaji and Commonwealth Secretary-General The RT Hon. Patricia Scotland KC

Mumbai-On the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda,, Youth Unite organised an event in Hyderabad to talk about the power of spirituality with world dignitaries in their panel. It included Global guide of Heartfulness, Padma Bhushan Kamlesh Patel, Commonwealth Secretary-General The RT Hon. Patricia Scotland KC, Leader of Transcendental Meditation Dr Tony Nader and actor Darasing Khurana. 

Darasing has been working in the wellness sector in multiple ways. He is the brand ambassador of Datri, World’s second largest blood stem cells donor's registry. He is also the founder of Pause.Breathe.Talk Foundation to provide therapy to people suffering from anxiety and depression at affordable rates. The actor is also a UNICEF youth ambassador and a spiritual person. Interestingly, he also celebrates his birthday on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda.

During his speech at the event, Darasing emphasised on the difference between what we think spirituality means and what it truly is. He said, “When one speaks about spirituality, the first characteristics that come to mind is the person has to be very calm, you don't really have to get into a rat race, you don't have to get into competition, be satisfied with where you are, be happy and content where you are. And these characteristics are completely opposite to that of a leader's characteristics.”

He added that true leaders fight, they prepare themselves and their own people for the rough times to come. Darasing insisted that the power to do that is inside all of us. He asserted, “Spirituality does not make you a baba, it does not ask you to grow beard and wear a kurta or a sari and give up on your happening life. Spirituality just helps you find the way to the door inside you and help you open it. Once your door is open, you yourself can intuit what is going to happen. That is completely in line with what the characteristics of a good leader are.” 

He insisted that spirituality helps one be more empathetic and supportive of people. It helps people be a good leader. By finding that power of spirituality, Darasing has been doing some amazing work for the people, and he urged the audience to get in touch with their spiritual side and try to do the same.

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