Saksham Kits Distribute Women by Dm Or MLA 

Shrawasti - 210 Most Vulnerable Women Received Saksham Kits to Lift Themselves out of Extreme Poverty United Way Mumbai Empowering Women Entrepreneur Project supported 210 women households to start small businesses in the Shrawasti district. 

 Following the onset of the Covid-19 crisis and recognizing the likelihood of diminished income and the associated risk of food insecurity among ultra-poor households, United Way Mumbai, a grassroots humanitarian organization implemented an Empowering Women Entrepreneur comprehensive livelihood project called the “Saksham”. The “Saksham approach” is a multifaceted livelihood program that has been providing ultra-poor women with productive assets, training, mentoring, access to savings and helping them uplift from extreme poverty. The Saksham model is helping women to increase their household income and savings. Special Guests at the event were MLA, Ram Feran Pandey of Shrawasti Constituency and  District Magistrate Neha Prakash of Shrawasti , CDO Anubhav Singh, DC NRLM Rajiv Kumar, DMM Anju Moriya, and Akhilesh Kumar. MLA, Ram Feran Pandey blessed all women micro-entrepreneurs to use the Livelihood support and move forward in their lives. He also encouraged women to use all govt. schemes that are relevant to women entrepreneurs to expand their business and wished United way Mumbai to support more women in the near future.

             District Magistrate Neha Prakash said” I am happy to see our community women coming forward to share their dreams. Use the given livelihood assets to increase your income and empower yourself and chase your dream. Laxmi Devi (36) was one among the 210 Saksham Beneficiaries, who received her Saksham kit today. Laxmi's house got destroyed in the last monsoon season. She and her family live without proper shelter. She said “I have knowledge and skills to stitch clothes, but I don’t have a tailoring machine to do business. Now I will start saving to build my house with help of the new tailoring machine” Daniel Raj, Manager Community Investment, United Way Mumbai wished the beneficiaries and said, “Moving people out of extreme poverty is challenging since the poorest households face disadvantages across multiple dimensions. As part of the United Way Mumbai Saksham Project, most vulnerable communities were assisted to rebuild their lives by helping women engage in a productive and resilient livelihood.

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