Empowering 150 Vulnerable Women with Saksham Kits to Alleviate Extreme Poverty

Shravasti,  March 23, 2024 - SBICAP Securities Limited has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with United Way Mumbai's Saksham Entrepreneurship for Women project, with the noble aim of uplifting 150 women in Hariharpurrani, Ikauna, and Gilaula Blocks, as they courageously combat the challenges of extreme poverty.

The Saksham Entrepreneurship for Women project, spearheaded by United Way Mumbai, is dedicated to empowering women from marginalized backgrounds to initiate micro-enterprise businesses. This initiative targets women-led households grappling with reduced income and the looming threat of food insecurity, particularly those equipped with tailoring skills but lacking the means to kickstart their businesses.

The "Saksham approach" is a holistic livelihood program meticulously crafted to equip ultra-poor women with the requisite tools for success. This includes the provision of productive assets, entrepreneurship development training, mentorship, access to savings, and other essential resources aimed at facilitating their journey out of extreme poverty. The Saksham model has unequivocally demonstrated its effectiveness in bolstering household income and savings for the participating women.

In a significant milestone, a five-day Entrepreneurship development training from 11th to 15th March 2024 was conducted across various blocks, culminating in the distribution of Saksham Kits to 150 vulnerable women on March 15, 2024, in Gilaula. The event was graced by esteemed dignitaries, including  Mr. Rajeev kumar District collector  NRLM, Mr. Akhilesh Kumar, District Mission Manager, Ms. Ms. Dhanashri Kenkre, DVP Company Secretary, SBICAP Securities Limited,  Mr. Daniel Raj, Community Development Investment Manager, United Way Mumbai. Mr. Rakesh, Assistant Manager, United Way Mumbai.  

United Way Mumbai, in collaboration with SBICAP Securities Limited, remains resolute in its commitment to driving positive change in the lives of these women and uplifting communities from the grips of extreme poverty.

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