Amid Technological Advancements, Books, Our Best Friends, Have Lost Their Place

Atul Malikram, PR Consultant, Political Analyst and social worker


It is undeniable that the current generation experiences significantly more conveniences than their predecessors. Back in the past, individuals used to eagerly anticipate letters sent through postal services and the replies to those letters, even though they couldn't be certain about their safe delivery to the intended recipients. Nonetheless, they found contentment in that waiting period.

In the present era of modern technology, we have the convenience of sending messages much larger and faster than the postcards of the past, with just a few minutes and a simple tap on our devices. There are numerous examples of such technological advancements, and delving into all of them here would require an extensive discussion that couldn't be covered even in the entire newspaper. However, let me provide one illustrative example: in earlier times, books used to be our closest companions, but now they often end up neglected, collecting dust in boxes.

The significance of books in the past is truly indescribable. During those times, we didn't have the luxury of mobile phones or the flashy world of social media. Our lives were enriched with abundant free time, and we cherished precious moments engrossed in the pages of books instead of tapping away on mobile keyboards. The phrase "Those were the days" perfectly captures the essence of those beautiful times.

Books were indeed like a treasure trove, providing peaceful solutions to the turbulent questions that stirred within us. Whether seeking guidance in a specific domain or reliving cherished memories of love, books satisfied our souls with their calming answers. Reflecting on the reading of books as a past experience brings forth a wave of nostalgia, accurately portraying the reality of that era. Unfortunately, in today's world, the same level of enthusiasm for reading books seems to have diminished, and only a select few continue to indulge in this enriching experience.

Truly, books serve as a reflection of truth. While it is widely known that the internet is inundated with both truths and lies, the significance of books seems to have diminished. The advent of social media and the internet has replaced the once calming and serene experience that books used to offer. As the renowned American novelist William Styron once suggested, leaving a few pages of a good book unread allows one to find solace in them during moments of sadness. However, the habit of turning away from books appears to bid farewell to an era where people sought answers to their most profound questions within the pages of books.

Despite the current generation's lack of acknowledgment, scientific studies reveal that reading a captivating book can effectively reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels, the stress hormone. Moreover, reading books before bedtime can help alleviate sleeping troubles.

Books possess a unique power to express profound thoughts without uttering a word. The day the present generation fully appreciates this art, they will undoubtedly favor the world of books over the chaotic allure of the internet.

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